Ladies of Harley


Ladies of Harley ( L.O.H. ) is a program sponsored by the Harley Owners Group to support women motorcycle enthusiasts (both drivers and passengers). It is not a separate organization within H.O.G., but was established to encourage women to become more active in H.O.G. and their local chapters. Ladies of Harley membership allows you to participate in all the L.O.H. activities at various H.O.G. rallies and events. (These may include workshops, seminars, photos, and other special events.) When you register for L.O.H., you will receive an embroidered patch and a pin. Each time you renew, you will receive a pin indicating the year of membership. You will be identified as a registered L.O.H. member by having the letters L.O.H. on your H.O.G. card. The only requirement for membership is that you must be a member of the Harley Owners Group. L.O.H. membership is free to active H.O.G. members. To join, call: 1-800-CLUB HOG or go to the National HOG site and sign up there.

Have a question about our Chapter L.O.H. group, visit our contact page here and let us know.

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